Stonie’s FAQ

1. Where do you get your beef and pork?

Our suppliers of beef and pork are in the Midwest. Pork is typically coming from Iowa and the beef from Nebraska.

2. Is the beef grass or grain fed?

The beef we get is traditionally raised on grass and grain.

3. What products do you make in your facilities?

All deli meats, brats, summer sausages, snack sticks, bacon and jerky are all made in our Perryville, Missouri facility.

4. What is the difference between Quick Sticks and
Snack Sticks?

Quick Sticks are a branded name for our line of shelf-stable (no refrigeration needed) snack sticks.

5. What products are free from Gluten and MSG?

Almost all of our products are Gluten and MSG free. Please double check the ingredient statement on the label or ask a staff member.

6. Which products are award winning?

Stonie’s started competing in cured meat competitions around the country in 1995. Since then we have won many awards in numerous categories, including but not limited to, summer sausage, snack sticks, jerky, bacon, ham, bratwurst, deli meat, exotic sausages, turkey breast, and many more.

7. Do you make the cheeses?

We like to stay in our lane. No cheese factory here!

8. How do you pronounce “Stonie’s”?

The name comes from the founder Stanislaus Wibbenmeyer and it rhymes with “Bonnie” or “Connie.”